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  • Rapid access to our experienced team providing cardiac consultations and investigations
  • Fast Track to diagnosis and treatment
  • Same day appointments & home visits
  • Lifestyle, risk assessment, screening, and blood tests
  • Self funded and insured clients

Our philosophy is to provide a high-quality individualised service health, encompassing all aspects of physical and psychological wellbeing.
Our aim is to help you to get the best out of life by establishing, supporting and improving your health.

Our team

Ms Nicola Philips

Practice MANAGER

Dr Lesley Roberts

CQC Registerd Manager

Cardiac Investigations​

Modern Cardiology has a wealth of investigations that can be undertaken.
We guide the process of testing. Many of the tests can be performed same-day at our clinics.

We are committed to the highest quality care

Our Services

Cardiac Screening

Worried about your heart?
The Cardiac Clinic's screening programme can help you identify heart problems or provide the reassurance you are looking for. Screening can help predict future issues and help you plan for health, not for illness.

Cardiac Investigations​

On site investigations:
ECG - 12 Lead Electrocardiogram - Echocardiogram (Cardiac Ultrasound) - 24 hour monitoring of Blood pressure - 24 monitoring of cardiac rhythm - Weekly / Monthly arrhythmia monitoring (ZioPatch® or Zenicor®) - Referrals for specialist investigations

Health and Wellbeing

Combine your clinical care with Nutritional Assessment and food plans from our highly qualified Nutritionist. We can integrate this to the clinical care to best support your journey to optimum wellness.

Clinical appointments at your convenience across London


Visit The Cardiac Clinic at Whitton Health Centre, Twickenham

Harley Street

Visit The Cardiac Clinic at Number 1 Harley Street

Why choose the Cardiac Clinic

We Understand Complex Cases

We are experts in navigating complexity. Our thorough approach will help you to find the root cause of your issues.

We Tailor treatment to You

No two people are the same. We will tailor your treatment to your exact needs.

The Highest Possible Patient Care

At every stage of your journey, The Cardiac Clinic team are there to provide advice and support.

Let our experience be your guide

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