Cardiac Treatments

Doctor Roberts offers a complete range of non-invasive treatments for cardiac conditions. His thorough approach ensures that the best available options are made available. His clarity and expertise gives you the information you to need to to take control of your health. 

Medical Treament

Dr Roberts is an expert in the medical management of Cardiovascular diseases. 30 years of experience, combined with the latest research, allows him to deliver cutting-edge care.

Physical and Mental Wellbeing

Physical and mental wellbeing are fundamental to overall health. Cardiac conditions interact closely with these. The Cardiac Clinic partners with experts in the fields of nutrition, exercise and mental health.

Specialist Referral

Dr Roberts works closely with leading consultants and professors from institutions such as Royal Brompton Hospital, Hammersmith and University College hospitals. 

External Counterpulsation

External Counterpulsation (ECP) is a revolutionary, non-invasive, safe treatment to improve overall cardiovascular health. ECP is well established n the USA and China. Dr Roberts has pioneered this treatment in the UK.
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